Dental Tourism

The globalisation of world economy has given unique opportunities for the Medical and Dental service industry. India has reaped this benefit in terms of being able to provide medical and dental services at a fraction of the costs in the depressed western economies. The training, skill and experience of Indian dentists combined with their ability to provide dental services quickly and at a fraction of the cost has put India on the map for dental tourism. Reasons for the growing trend:

Regardless of the reason, traveling for dentistry appears to be a growing trend.

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Dental tourism offered by Creative Smiles-

How to get in touch-

After the initial contact and communication, your procedure is scheduled and you may decide your itenary.

Depending on the procedure and the dentist, you may need to remain in the area for a set period of time after the procedure, or return at a later date to complete the procedure.

We offer assistance with accommodations and travel reservations on request through our preferred partners.